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Round 2 Podcast: What are the Barriers to YOUR Own Transformation?

Cheers to Thee asks "what is getting in the way of making the changes in your life that YOU want to have happen?" 💃🏽Cheers to making our own magic of delight rather than "ugh.. shoulda, coulda, gotta".

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Elizabeth Lembke
What is going on in the world of work in terms of people and organizational transformation? What does this mean for you? What does this mean for us? Read and hear more via Elizabeth Lembke's Transforming Talent Insights. First up: Cheers to Thee in 2023? You betcha! Going into 2023 there is a different vibe as our context and circumstances may have (okay, definitely have) changed. So what insights can you gain around what is fit for your purpose? What would you like to stop - continue - and start in 2023?
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What is your Go-To Energy song?

You know the one…”while your feet are stomping and the jam is pumping”? The song that just really puts you in the power vibe and makes your day?

For the past ?? odd years, mine has been AC/DC’s Back in Black (for an interpretative dance watch this), whether it on my commute to work, getting my gusto up to go onto stage, or any time I needed an extra bit of spice for additional bravery, the starter riff had me hooked. That has been my jam.

Albeit now that we are addressing in the Cheers to Thee 2023, Barriers to Transformation, it has got me thinking if I may be reinforcing my metaphor of going it strong and alone like a Hermit Crab with the song. As I continue down the path of #courageforandwith myself around being more willing to be vulnerable, if a change in track to, I dunno, more ABBA “Take a Chance on Me” or Pink “Never Not Going to Dance Again”, if this may be more conducive to the transformation intention of being more open to letting others in.

Intrigued as to what the world I am talking about?

Well, welcome to Transforming via YOUR Insights, where the theme is Barriers to YOUR own transformation and how we can have more #courageforandwith ourselves - asking the questions around what pictures or metaphors do we have that may be getting in the way of our own delight, novelty, and magic!

You ready to dive in?

Well then, below is the 🎛️ worksheet to download and play along as you look inward to you and your transformation in the above podcast. 🆒 So hit play and let’s pump up the jam on your insights for your own transformation!

If you would like to download the file as a pdf, here you go:

Transforming Via Your Insights Question 2
1.14MB ∙ PDF file

Our Cheers to Thee Request:

💃🏽 Add YOUR Go-To Energy Song to our playlist and pump up the jam! 💃🏽

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