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Transforming Talent's Elizabeth Lembke’s Substack Podcast
Cheers to Thee in 2023!

Cheers to Thee in 2023!

Context and circumstances have changed... What is no longer Fit for Your Purpose?

This year seemed to have a different vibe as we switched on over in the New Year - memes of fireballs in trash bins, or hesitantly pushing via a broomstick the door to 2023, come to mind. Very different than the change overs of the more recent past of 2021 (the “New Normal”) or 2022 (A Maze - how are we finding our way through?). To me, it seems as though this year, there is a broader awareness of how our context and circumstances have changed.

So, how might we take this opportunity to question…

What is no longer fit for my purpose?

  • What would I like to stop doing?

  • What would I like to continue doing?

  • What would I like to start doing?

In a new series for Transforming Talent Insights, I will pose questions throughout the year challenging you to look a bit closer as to how are you transforming via YOUR insights.

With that… drumroll, please…. here is our inaugural Transforming Talent Insights podcast “Transforming via YOUR Insights”, here on substack*. In this new podcast, we shall dive into the powerful questions we ought to be raising for ourselves as we consider our own growth, impact, relationships, and willingness to enter into those brave learning spaces!

And, of course there is always a handout to support the learning! I mean, you all do KNOW me by now.

So with that, I welcome you dive on in and shout out with me “Cheers to Thee in 2023”!

Message in a Bottle: Would love to hear your stop-continue-starts for 2023! So please share them with me!

Would also love to hear about what you think about the new changes to Transforming Talent Insights e.g. newsletter, the podcast, or, of course, the YouTube channel.

Thank you!

All of the best regards fromYour Chief Talent Navigator and Devil’s Advocate for Talent,

Elizabeth Lembke

*As the previous hosting service Revue is unfortunately closing its doors on January 18th, I have put pdf’s of the favorite Transforming Talent Insights newsletters on the website. You can find them .

Should you be needing / wanting an issue that has not been posted, simply contact me, and I will supply you with the issue.

Cheers to Thee in 2023, my friends!

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Transforming Talent's Elizabeth Lembke’s Substack
Transforming Talent's Elizabeth Lembke’s Substack Podcast
What is going on in the world of work in terms of people and organizational transformation? What does this mean for you? What does this mean for us? Read and hear more via Elizabeth Lembke's Transforming Talent Insights. First up: Cheers to Thee in 2023? You betcha! Going into 2023 there is a different vibe as our context and circumstances may have (okay, definitely have) changed. So what insights can you gain around what is fit for your purpose? What would you like to stop - continue - and start in 2023?
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